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Call us today on 03303 230 536
Call us today on 03303 230 536
A multi-faceted approach to commercial property maintenance and cleaning services.

Our services and operatives?

Service Alliance was established in 2005 as a commercial cleaning and property maintenance company. The company offers a professional service covering all aspects of cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the increasing pressures on companies more and more organisations are streamlining and simplifying their sustainable supply chain. In response to this, our company extended its range of services so that we can offer our customers an all encompassed service. Including building and property maintenance, commercial cleaning, window cleaning, high level cleaning.

When Service Alliance commences a contract, all resources including high specification equipment and consumables are supplied. This gives our customers the confidence that their premises are being maintained and managed by professionals, taking the responsibility or consumable and equipment maintenance away from the customer. Holidays and sick days are taken care of by Service Alliance so these absences do not affect the day to day running of your business.

We are proud to have a professional dedicated management team supporting our 200 directly employed staff. Our team are employed as opposed to agency staff, so we can maintain consistency and ensure our operatives feel valued

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Building and Property Maintenance
Building and Property

Service Alliance offers a complete commercial cleaning and property services solution for your premises. Combining our services to maintain your premises internally and externally saves your company time and money. These services may include one of the services listed on this page in addition to many others. We provide PAT testing, power washing, winter gritting, painting, graffiti removal and more.

This particular service combines all your premises requirements into one combined service offering and more importantly one monthly invoice. After the initial assessment we will provide your company with a comprehensive service plan.

No need to worry about equipment, consumables, holidays and sick days as all that is covered by us.

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Service Alliance has provided commercial cleaning services to our clients for over 15 years, we are one of the largest family owned service providing businesses in the North West of England. Our experience in this sector allows us to provide a high-quality service tailored specifically for our client’s offices and business premises.

We understand the presentation and standard of cleanliness of your premises has a significant impact on the perception of your business. We work to the highest auditable cleaning standards ensuring your staff, visitors and potential clients encounter a clean environment.  

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services provides both high and low-level internal and external cleaning.

Customers in a wide range of sectors, including commercial, retail, schools, car showrooms, and hospitals already use this service.

This service can also encompass store fronts, property signage, storm windows, skylights, screens and any other higher-level surfaces.

Our clean water cleaning system dislodges dirt around the frames as well, ensuring a sparkling finish.

High Level Cleaning
High Level Cleaning

Service Alliance offers both internal & external high-level cleaning.

This service is very useful in a number of commercial environments for example school halls, car showrooms, staircases, sports arenas, atriums and other high-level lighting where access is difficult etc.

Our high-level cleaning is also ideal for factories where high-level ceilings gather dirt and grime often compromising air-filtering systems. Our high-level cleaning is often used to clean air-conditioning elements as well.

Externally, our high level cleaning service is ideal for high-level signage, guttering, soffits and fascias, solar panels, lighting and much more.

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Our customer base is diverse, we work with customers in the education sector including, nurseries, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, commercial office environments, retail outlets and public buildings with many being multiple site customers.

We are fully accredited and provide a service with outstanding outcomes.

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