winter maintenance

Winter can take its toll on every establishment and company ground, meaning careful attention is needed to provide a safe environment for visitors and staff. Keeping on top of the landscape around your property is an essential part of maintaining an attractive and safe area during winter, and even after the season has passed.

Service Alliance provide winter maintenance services and have access to large stores of grit and salt to keep all pathways and roads safe around your establishment. With a range of high-end equipment and machinery operated by skilled professionals, Service Alliance will make sure your company grounds are always kept ice and frost-free.

Although we are confident in providing an extensive and thorough ice-prevention service, frost has the ability to damage roads and pathways without causing immediate health and safety risks. If your company grounds are in need of pothole or other winter damage repair, our staff are qualified and trained with specialist machinery to provide exceptional repair results.

Once winter has passed, a further layer of damage can be revealed. Horticultural care may need to be applied to plants, trees, shrubs, lawns etc that might have suffered due to severe weather conditions, to maintain a polished company exterior.

Key Features

  • Winter damage repair
  • Path clearing
  • Gritting
  • Winter pruning
  • Gutter repairs