window cleaning

Service Alliance provide a comprehensive window cleaning service to commercial, retail, new housing developments, schools, hospitals and many more industries.

Our service covers internal and external window cleaning, storefronts, property signage, storm windows, skylights, screens and any other relevant surfaces.

In addition to cleaning windows our service extends to peripheral areas such as sill/frame cleaning, window caulking, removing debris and clearing gutters.

We clean windows of all styles including slides, tilts or fixed position windows. All heights of building can be serviced as we adhere to a strict health and safety policy relevant to low rise and high-rise window cleaning.

Conservation of water and the use of environmentally friendly products is always a high priority.

Although our window cleaning service is scheduled to meet your weekly/monthly requirements we can accommodate emergency cleans as well, which can often be an essential service for commercial customers.

We are also proud to be able to use the Reach System™™, which is a pole system that removes the need to use ladders meaning your service and our safety will never be compromised. This also allows us to clean in awkward places where ladders just wouldn't be suitable for use.

Key Features

  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Scheduled cleans
  • Emergency cleans
  • Biodegradable products
  • Sill cleaning
  • Gutter clearing
  • Low-rise and high-rise buildings