Health and Safety issues have become very important outside the home where people are very aware of the risks posed to human health by poor hygiene. Service Alliance can significantly improve hygiene with a full range of washroom products that are cost-effective but also help reduce your electricity costs and save money on your water bill.

Waterless urinals are hygienic systems that can save from £500 to £1000 per annum in water rates. Taps and mixing valves can also be installed to save water in the commercial washroom. Electricity can also be saved by the use of more modern hand dryers, these are designed to dry hands in around 10 to 20 seconds where the older ones take 30 to 45 seconds, a considerable saving. We encourage the use of foaming hand wash and sanitising hand gel within washrooms, as they not only improve overall sanitation but use less water, which adds to our values of sustainability and the preservation of the environment. We also provide feminine hygiene services, nappy disposal and sanitary bins, as well as other washroom supplies such as time-delayed air fresheners and fly killers. Plus, we offer hand towel laundering services specific to your convenience needs. Service Alliance will ensure that your washrooms are safe, hygienic and adhere to health and safety regulations.

Our fully trained representatives will offer help and advice on the risks of cross-contamination within the washroom. Look at the specific needs, then use professional methods and tools, assess the hygiene levels within your washroom and offer recommendations on how to improve or maintain them.

Service Alliance offers all hygienic washroom services, from a complete rental and maintenance service program, to the delivery of all your consumable supplies.

Key Features

  • Waterless urinals can save you money
  • Efficient hand dryers reduce time and money
  • Feminine hygiene services
  • Air fresheners
  • Advise on health and safety regulations
  • Sustainable product ranges