At Service Alliance, we understand the importance of a safe, secure cleaning facility to maintain educational environments. Our fully qualified team offer professionalism and an unrivalled cleaning and hygiene standard, essential for areas that are frequented by children and staff.

Schools can be minefields of paint, food and bacteria, which to provide a safe environment for children needs to be kept on top of. We offer our comprehensive cleaning in classrooms, common rooms, kitchens, canteens, toilets and staffrooms, as well as other maintenance services such as polishing hall floors and playground preservation. Our services extend to science labs, workshops, IT suites, art studios, and other areas that attract significant dirt, and often require more specialist attention.

We also realise the existence of graffiti in such establishments, and so we use the latest technologies and methods to remove all defacing, all the while accepting that these things will have to be done out of school hours to achieve a five star result.

Service Alliance’s dedication to sustainable solutions and our awareness of the environment is a large factor to our success within an educational complex. Our strong beliefs in sustainability make us the perfect cleaning partners to schools who want to encourage students to be mindful of the environment.

Naturally all our staff have had DSB checks (formerly CRB checks)

Key Features

  • DSB checked staff
  • Graffiti removal
  • Science lab clean
  • Changing rooms sterilisation
  • Playground maintenace
  • Winter services
  • Canteen and kitchen cleaning
  • Sustainability review